Sriracha Bacon Fried Rice

February 25, 2016


A lot of the recipes I post here are more on the creative side or for those days where you want to try something new with ingredients that you either use all the time or maybe want to experiment with. Today though, I’m sharing a recipe that isn’t really either of those. Instead, this recipe (or something very similar to it) is something that I whip up every couple of weeks or so in our house when I want to keep it simple and relatively cheap – fried rice!


Fried rice, as you probably already know, is a staple in Asian households and it’s a perfectly straightforward meal because everything is in one dish – meat, veggies, seasonings, you name it. It’s like the original one-pot dish! 🙂 Anyways, while you can put any combination of things in your fried rice (like really, pretty much anything you could stir-fry!), this version is a super easy one that has just a handful of ingredients but is really tasty and filling. Added bonus #1, the star of the dish is bacon(!); and bonus #2, this is a great way to use up extra eggs, bacon, and day-old rice. I added sriracha to mine because I love it on my fried rice, but it’s totally optional. Learn how to make this bacon fried rice below!

1 tablespoon of vegetable oil
3 large eggs, beaten
3 cups cooked white rice (1 or 2 day-old rice works great)
3-4 strips of bacon, cut into small pieces
1 small yellow onion, chopped
2-3 scallions, chopped
1 tablespoon dark soy sauce
1 tablespoon brown sugar
2 teaspoons rice wine vinegar
salt and pepper
Sriracha to taste (optional)


1. The first step is to cook your scrambled eggs in a large wok with the vegetable oil. Once it’s done, season with salt and pepper, chop it up into bite-sized pieces and set aside.
2. Next, cook your bacon in the same wok for about 3-5 minutes so that it can render down and reach the crispness that you like. Once done, remove the bacon from the wok and set it aside with the scrambled eggs.
3. Leaving at least 2 tablespoons of your bacon fat in the wok (or all of it, if you like living life to the fullest!), add your chopped onion and season with salt and pepper. Sauté for 2-4 minutes, or until it’s become slightly translucent.
4. Now add your cooked white rice to the wok. Try to get all of the rice in contact with the bottom of the wok so that it can fry up and get that brown, toasty flavor. Keep mixing and frying the rice, adding in the soy sauce, vinegar, and sugar. (If you find that your rice looks too dry, add a splash of water or stock)
5. Finish by mixing in the scrambled eggs, bacon, and chopped scallions that you have set aside into your fried rice. Add additional salt and pepper to taste if necessary, top with a drizzle of sriracha (optional) and enjoy!


Does this give you new ideas for easy weeknight dinners?

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