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Read, Love & Listen // 04

February 19, 2016


Happy Friday!

How was your week? I felt great after the long weekend last week, but every time I come back to work from a longer-than-normal weekend (even just one extra day off!) it messes up my workflow so much. Does that happen to you? Anyways, now that we’re really into 2016, I’m at the point where I really want to start tackling some bigger projects I’ve been putting off now that I don’t have the excuse of holidays / bad weather to hold me back anymore (fingers crossed we’re done with snow storms for the year!). This painting you see above is a sneak peak into one of those projects that I’m talking about.  If you’re interested, feel free to follow me on instagram where I post day-to-day moments, my workspace and artwork like this!

This weekend we’re going out to celebrate a friend’s going away (back home to Brazil!) and other than that, probably going to do a lot of relaxing at home and maybe pick out a new show to binge watch. Let me know if you have any suggestions! In the meantime, here are a few things I’m reading, loving and listening to lately:

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Read, Love & Listen // 03

January 8, 2016

Happy Friday!!

Man, is it just me or did that first week of 2016 fly by pretty quickly? I have to admit that it took me a couple of days to fully get into the swing of things earlier in the week, but today I feel really pumped about making this a super productive month (and year)! I finally got my Craftsposure 2016 Planner & Diary (which is sadly currently sold out :X ) pictured above and I love it! I only recently discovered the wonderful world of planners and this one is just perfect for anyone pursuing a creative passion. I highly recommend getting a great planner if you haven’t yet!

Anyways, we don’t have anything much planned this weekend, which I feel hasn’t happened for months, so I think we’re going to try to take advantage of the relaxed pace and do some year-end cleaning and maybe even go see a movie. What are your plans for the weekend? Whatever it is I hope it’s a great one! Here are some things I’m reading, loving, and listening to lately!

8 Inspirational New Years Quotes for people who hate inspirational quotes (Metro UK)
25 Ways the world changed in 2015 (Business Insider)
Why 2016 is poised to be the year that it all comes together for Pinterest (Quart)
13 Productivity Hacks That Worked for Real People (Forbes)
Here’s What Your Life Will Look Like (Tech-Wise) in 2020 (Brit + Co)
Raiders of the Lost Web; If a Pulitzer-finalist 34-part series of investigative journalism can vanish from the web, anything can (an investigative journalism piece by The Atlantic)
Baby experiences pure joy when being introduced to bacon (video, originally on Youtube)
14 books to help you live your best damn life in 2016 (Mashable)

– I just discovered Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee by Jerry Seinfeld, a hilarious web series that I can’t believe I’d never heard of before and I LOVE it (past interviews include Kevin Hart, Jimmy Fallon, Amy Schumer, Stephen Colbert, and tons more)
– I’m on the hunt for the perfect white cable knit sweater and I have my eye on this onethis one, this one, and this one!
– This is one of the most elegant kid’s 1st birthday party setups I’ve ever seen and that gold photo backdrop makes me nostalgic for my own wedding where I had one just like it 🙂 (100 Layer Cake-let)
– And speaking of gold, this faux zebra rug DIY is one of the most ingenious home decor DIY’s I’ve seen in a while! (Brittany Makes)
– Pink and ombre DIY Brushstroke Dyed Napkins…A DIY after my own heart! (Home-ology Modern Vintage)
– If you love freebies and organization as much as I do, you’ll appreciate these 24 Free Printable Calendars For 2016 (POPSUGAR)

Here are few songs that I have on repeat lately including one from Zara Larsson who I just recently discovered (she looks like Adele and sounds like Rihanna!!), a beautiful acoustic from the amazing ginger man Ed Sheeran, and my current major girl crush, Hailee Steinfeld (of “Love Myself”). I think she’s just so adorable and at the same time so talented (she was nominated for an Academy Award when she was only 14! Was also in Ender’s Game and Pitch Perfect 2) and I love her voice and attitude, especially the fact that a lot of her songs are about self empowerment and being different.

Zara Larsson – Uncover

Ed Sheeran – Who You Are (acoustic cover, original by Jessie J)

Hailee Seinfeld – Hell Nos and Headphones

Read, Love & Listen // 02

December 11, 2015

Happy Friday all!

How was your week? This was a nice week for me filled with some visits with friends, some holiday-themed crafting and cooking, and lots of holiday shopping (mainly from home in my PJ’s, though :P)! I only have a few more presents to go and they include the ones I have the most trouble deciding – my mom and dad’s gifts. Every year they say they don’t want anything and not to get them anything, but you know I have to get something! They’re the best, and the people who are the most selfless and giving in life are the ones that really deserve getting spoiled every once in a while – don’t you think?? 🙂

Anyways, hoping you’re having a great holiday season so far and that you get your holiday shopping (at least mostly) done this weekend – only 2 weeks remaining! Here are a few cool things I’m reading, loving and listening to!

read //
11 Finance Tips You Wish You Could Tell Your Younger Self (Wise Bread)
Nineties Nostalgia: Gifts for People Who Grew Up In The 90’s (Apartment Therapy)
Workplace Buzz Words That Will be Obsolete in 10 Years (Forbes)
7 Books Every Successful Woman Should Read in Her Lifetime (Bustle)
For Children, Dumbed-Down Phones May Be The Smartest Option (NY Times)
15 gift types for every type of dad (Business Insider)
Office Cubicle Gets Transformed Into Cozy Christmas Cabin (ABC News)
10 Christmas movies to queue up (CNN)

love //
been looking for a new Christmas sweater and this snowman one is so freakin cute!
loving these minimalist diy mini wood christmas trees (Homey Oh My!)
thinking of putting my printer to work for these adorable 9 Free Christmas Printables (Design Eat Repeat)
wouldn’t these gingerbread cookie sticks go perfectly with some hot chocolate? (Make Bake Celebrate)
this foraged triangle christmas wreath majorly appeals to my geometric-obsession (Fall for DIY)
not your typical Christmas sweater, but loving this black sweater dress with snowflake-like print

listen //

The Neighbourhood – Sweater Weather (Max & Alyson Stoner Cover)

Justin Bieber – The Feeling ft. Halsey

Daniela Andrade – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Cover)

Read & Listen // 01

November 25, 2015

via my instagram

There is officially less than 24 hours until its time for me to go face to face with about 10 side dishes and some turkey so I wanted to take a moment before it all goes down to wish you all a very happy thanksgiving if you’re also celebrating!! While it’s only Wednesday and I’m still going to put in some work on Friday, it feels nice because the next few days will kinda be like a long weekend in terms of rest, relaxation and family time. 🙂 But whatever the rest of your week looks like, hoping that it’s a warm one filled with love and gratitude!

I’ll kick off this “weekend” with things I’m reading and listening to:

read //
Chrissy Teigen (my ultra girl-crush!)’s Thanksgiving Menu (So Delushious)
14 Thanksgiving Memes to Help You Survive The Holiday With Your Family (Bustle)
This couple hired their dog to film their wedding (so cute!) (MetroUK)
6 Unusual Habits of Exceptionally Creative People (Forbes)
The Four Stages of Life (Mark Manson)
Becoming a Butterfly: How to Develop Good Entrepreneurial Skills (Observer)
Best Black Friday / Cyber Monday Hotel Deals (USA TODAY)
15 best deals on Black Friday 2015 (USA TODAY & NerdWallet)
Dude makes symmetrical breakfasts for himself and his boyfriend for an entire year (Lost At E Minor via Design Faves)

listen //

Adele – Water Under the Bridge (On The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon)

Shawn Mendes & Hailee Steinfeld – Stitches (Acoustic)

Got any great articles or songs you’re reading / listening to? I’d love to hear about them!

Thanks for stopping by!