Geometric Triangles Desktop Wallpaper (Free Download)

November 6, 2015


Happy Friday all! Oh, and since I haven’t said it yet, happy November too! ūüôā

I’ve heard that the west coast and other warmer¬†parts of the country are finally getting a taste of cool fall temps, so good news for you guys is that you can finally break out those cute layers and boots! But as for my neck of the woods up here in the Northeast, it’s actually unseasonably¬†warm today ¬†– like 70 degrees and up! I’m not complaining one bit though, since¬†I’m happy to be able to go a bit¬†longer before I have to turn on the heat or have to wear socks around the house from the cold. ūüôā

Anyways, just wanted to drop in today to share this free geometric desktop wallpaper download I made this week. If you know me or any of my past work, you already know that I love color and geometric patterns so that’s exactly what you’re getting with this free wallpaper! I don’t usually have a physical calendar hanging anywhere in my office (I need to get on that), so I often like to have a desktop wallpaper with a calendar right on it just to be able to have a quick glance of where we are in the month. You can download these wallpapers with or without the November 2015 calendar on it.

Scroll down for the download links!


Desktop Wallpaper: Standard + Standard w/ calendar | Widescreen + Widescreen w/ calendar

geometric-triangles-ipad-wallpaper-sample-1 geometric-triangles-ipad-wallpaper-sample

Vertical Ipad Wallpaper: Standard + Standard w/ calendar

If you liked this one, you might also like my last pastel geometric desktop wallpaper too. Enjoy and have a great weekend!!!

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