2016 Goal Planning Worksheet (Free Printable)

January 19, 2016


It feels like not long ago we were celebrating the new year, but just like that we’re already half-way through January! Can you believe it? I have mixed feelings about January: though beginnings are always great and I love that I’ve gotten to celebrate some loved ones’ birthdays this first month of the new year, there’s just so much to look forward to and plan for in the coming weeks and months that it can get really stressful. To make my life a little easier in this regard, I’ve made a more concerted effort to be organized by getting a legit 2016 creative planner, doing a massive clean out of things I don’t need, and finally tackling some projects that I’ve been putting off for a while. I would like to say it’s all been easy-peasy so far, but it definitely has not!

One thing that really helps me, though, when I run into a creative block or find myself unmotivated or when I’m just generally stuck in a rut is to write out my long and short-term goals on a new piece of paper, even if I’ve already written them down somewhere. Is that weird? Even if it is, it’s just very cathartic for me to write things out and visualize things and that’s kind of where this simple, single-page 2016 Printable Goal Planning Worksheet came about.


I intended for this to be just something for my own use, but I thought it was so cute that I figured I’d share it with you guys! This is a great little organizational worksheet to have on hand to write down your goals a single time and hang where you can see it, or if you want, since it’s printable, you can print it out multiple times throughout the year.

Download your Free Printable 2016 Goal Planning Worksheet. Enjoy!

*Please note that this is a free download for personal use only. thanks! 🙂


What helps you stay motivated towards your short and long-term goals?

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