DIY Gold Arrows Canvas Wall Art

November 11, 2015


If there was one home design project that I soo want to eventually do, but am most nervous to tackle, it would be a gallery wall. Ever since I was old enough to start dreaming about my future home, I’d envision huge empty white walls that I’d fill with tons of amazing colorful art – some that i’d collect and most that I’d make. Don’t get me wrong, this would be so much fun but at the same time I feel like I’d experience some type of decision paralysis from so many ideas / choices! Luckily (or not), our condo right now doesn’t have a huge amount of empty wall space so anything that I’ve hung up has had to be singular canvases or practical things like hanging shelving. It’s given me the perfect excuse to hold off this daunting task! 😛

BUT, when I do eventually have the walls (and the cojones!) to design a gallery wall, this gold arrow wall art canvas is going to be one of the first anchoring pieces that’ll go up on it. My design style is contemporary, modern and eclectic, with hints of natural elements, so the arrow motif would be an homage to the eclectic, while the clean white canvas and gold lines give the modern look that I love. With only two materials and some scissors and a ruler, this has got to be one of the easiest and most affordable art pieces you can make yourself with no special skills required!


small stretched canvas (I used an 8” x 8” canvas) / thin gold mylar tape / scissors / ruler (optional)


1. Start by eyeballing or using your ruler to measure halfway down your canvas.

2. Make your first (middle) arrow by cutting a strip of gold tape that is about 2/3 the width of your canvas, which for us is between 4” to 5”. Place this strip halfway down your canvas (the spot you measured in Step 1) to create the shaft of your arrow.

3. To make the arrowhead, cut two 1.25” pieces of gold tape and place them perpendicular to each other and with their corners overlapping at one end of the shaft.

4. Now cut four 1.25” pieces of gold tape and place them on the opposite end of the arrow to create the fletching. You’ve made your first arrow! Next, you’ll be making arrows to go above and below your middle arrow.


5. For the second (top) arrow place a strip of gold tape, about the same length as the shaft of your middle arrow (in Step 2), at the top of your canvas.

6. Create the arrowhead of this arrow the same way you did for the middle arrow (in Step 3). Make sure to place the arrowhead here so that it’s facing the opposite direction of the middle arrow.

7. The fletching of the top arrow will be slightly different than the middle arrow. First, cut about a 1.5” piece of gold tape and then make a diagonal 45 degree cut on each of the opposite corners (top left, bottom right). It should look like a parallelogram. Repeat this step again, except make sure your diagonal cuts on the second 1.5” piece are opposite of the ones you made on the first 1.5” piece (so this time, bottom left, top right). Place these two pieces down to complete your top arrow.

8. Make your third (bottom) arrow using the same steps as you did to make your top arrow (in Steps 5-7). On our canvas, we made the bottom arrow facing the same way as the middle arrow, but you can place it whichever way you’d like.

9. Press down on all of your gold tape pieces to make sure they’re secure and then you’re all done!


The charm of this mini canvas art is that it can go anywhere: on a shelf on it’s own with some knick-knacks, or layered and styled with other art pieces:




Do you have a gallery wall? What helped you choose which pieces to put together? In any case, if you’re as big of a fan of white and gold together as I am, feel free to check out my gold splatter coasters!

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3 thoughts on “DIY Gold Arrows Canvas Wall Art

  1. Aissa

    How nice and simple! I’ve seen these all over the internet and stores and are pricey. This looks exactly like those, but inexpensive and so easy to make. Plus, you have more creative control 😉

    xx Girl & Gray


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