DIY Triangle Wall Art

August 13, 2015


I got the idea for this DIY while doing one of my favorite things, which is perusing through Pinterest home decor pins for beautifully designed home interiors. I wouldn’t say I always prefer an ultra modern home design, but I know that I do love geometric patterns and clean lines. So when I saw a few home interiors using things like circle patterns, cube patterns, and triangle patterns on the wall as design accents, I was inspired to make an easy, modern wall art piece similar to that aesthetic.

Since painting is my fave, this DIY is naturally a painting project. But instead of painting stretched canvases like I would normally do, the surface I used for this project are birch wood painting panels. I think gives it more texture and a more modern feel from the clean lines of the wood, especially when you view them from the sides. Don’t you think?


acrylic paint / paint brush / painter’s tapebirch wood painting panels

How to make it:


Additional Tips:

  • Since you only use one paint color at a time, you really only need one good paint brush to complete this project. My favorite brushes are Royal & Langnickel and this small set of paint brushes is great for DIY projects like this.
  • Lay newspaper or a drop cloth on the table or surface you’re working on to catch any paint spills. I have a huge roll of lightweight newsprint wrapping paper (which is also awesome for diy wrapping paper!) that I use for this purpose, as you can see in the photos.
  • If you’re wondering what the best way to hang these without damaging your walls, these picture hanging strips and these wire hanging hooks are my two favorite ways to hang art without putting nails in my walls.


See how clean it looks from the side? I keep going back and forth about wanting to put a huge gallery wall arrangement in this wall area or even a floating shelf, but it looks quite nice as is. Very minimal, but still colorful and interesting.




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