DIY Sharpie & Metallic Painted Mini Pumpkins

September 29, 2015


It’s not even October yet but, as usual, the Halloween candy and decor is all over the stores already and since we have until the end of next month, a lot of it is even on sale! I’ve managed to resist stockpiling on the candy (for now), but I just couldn’t resist getting a few mini pumpkins to get creative with. Aren’t they so cute?

Anyways, as you might know from my last DIY projects, painting is my fave so I obviously had to paint these little guys. To mix it up a bit, though, I used sharpie to do different details on each pumpkin and I was really happy with it! Sharpies can be a pain to work with when you’re not writing on a completely smooth surface, but I’ll give you a tip on how to avoid that. Other than that this project is super easy, with pretty much only 3 main steps!


Mini pumpkins | acrylic paint in a metallic color (I used bronze) | paint brush | sharpie


1. Start by painting all of your pumpkins, making sure to cover the stems and underneath.

2. Let them dry completely before moving on to the next step.

DIY-sharpie-metallic-painted-pumpkins-2 3. One by one, draw patterns on the pumpkins with your sharpie. I started with a random triangle pattern on my first pumpkin.

*A good tip for drawing on pumpkins with your sharpie: press gently as you’re drawing, because if you press down too hard, the tip of the sharpie will dry and won’t dispense any ink.

For the second pumpkin, I did a diagonal criss-cross pattern. I didn’t plan for it, but this ended up resembling a spiderweb! Cute, huh?

And for the last one, a wanted a bolder and less linear design to balance out the other two, so I just did little swoops around the pumpkin and two little loops like the one pictured (on opposite sides of the pumpkin). Then you’re done!



Stay tuned for more Halloween DIYs and also some fun holiday recipes! In the meantime, feel free to check out some of my past favorites like these gold splatter coasters, this modern black and white painting and this perfect fall salad.

Thanks for coming by!

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