DIY Modern Cross Pattern Wall Art

September 16, 2015


Now that summer is on its way out and Dave and I are traveling less (still traveling a bit more this year, though) I’ve been at home a lot getting a lot of cool craft ideas. And especially since the holidays are just right around the corner, I find myself wanting to buy a ton of seasonal stuff like things to make holiday wreathes, wrapping paper, and I even almost bought a whole basket full of¬†mini pumpkins I saw at the market today. But no! I was able to resist and only got a few. ūüôā

But anyways, I told myself I won’t buy anymore craft supplies, even from the dollar store, until I’ve exhausted some of the¬†stash of crafty stuff I already¬†have. So this project uses up some of the same exact materials I’ve used for my recent DIY art project, but in a different way.

I was inspired by the Swiss cross pattern that you might¬†typically see in black and white, or maybe in red in white. To mix it up I chose the color navy, which to me kind of gives it a more masculine feel, don’t you think? You could also do this project in black and white, or even a bright or pastel pink or yellow would be awesome I bet!



Canvas (I used an 18″ x 18″ stretched canvas and that’s what the measurements I included will work best with) | multi-use¬†painter’s tape |¬†ruler | pencil | acrylic paint (in navy and white) | paint brush (this set is similar to the set I have) and detail brush (optional) | scissors



Step 1: You’ll need 16 crosses for this sized canvas and for the arrangement I have here, which equals 32 pieces of painter’s tape measuring 2.5″. Measure out your painter’s tape pieces a bunch at a time to make your life easier.


Step 2: Begin placing your crosses on the canvas, starting from one corner. Using your rule, measure 1″ from the edge and place the first piece, and then lay the cross piece also 1″ from the next edge.



Step 3: With your pencil and ruler, mark¬†where you will place the next 3 crosses in the row. For a balanced canvas, you should aim to leave¬†1.75″ between each cross.


Step 4: Place the next three crosses to complete the first row.

If necessary, you can draw a light pencil line across the canvas to make sure the crosses are in a straight line¬†(see¬†above and below). You’ll be painting over¬†everything, so no worries about leftover pencil marks!



Step 5: Finish laying out the rest of your crosses, one row at a time.¬†You can do it in any order that you’d like, but I went along the¬†perimeter of the canvas first since it was easier to use the edges as a guide. Don’t worry about them being exactly, perfectly aligned, but try your best to make it look even to the naked eye.


Step 6: Paint the entire canvas with your paint color of choice. I chose a really nice navy color and gave it two full coats.


Remember to paint the edges of your canvas.

modern-navy-white-cross-art-diy-10¬†Step 7: Once your painting is almost dry, gently remove the painter’s tape. A great tip so that you don’t have to smudge your painting trying to lift up the tape; lift the top piece of tape of each cross where the top and bottom pieces of tape are overlapping, and then lift the bottom ¬†piece where there is no paint.


A few paint smudges here and there are inevitable, but don’t worry too much about it. This is a DIY project after all, so the little imperfections are what give it character!


Step 8: If you’d like to clean up your painting a little bit, use white paint and a detail brush to even out the corners of the crosses¬†and to fix any other stray marks. Once that’s done you just let the painting dry, and then it’s ready to hang!




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