DIY Gold Trimmed Chalkboard & Corkboard Organizer

November 20, 2015


Happy Friday everyone!

I’m back here today with office, and LIFE, organization on my mind. Thanks to my inspiring instagram feed, this Kickstarter that I stumbled upon, and various blogs I’ve been perusing –  like my friend Fran from Fall for DIY’s series on picking the perfect planner – all I’ve been thinking about lately is how to simplify my workspace and add more organization to my life, especially now that 2015 is almost over and the new year is almost here (WHAT??). I’m a super visual person, and I like handwriting notes and lists, drawing out my workflow, and making preliminary sketches of virtually anything that can be sketched, so one thing I’ve specifically been wanting to do is make some sort of office organizer / inspiration board contraption that could help me wrangle in all these post-its and mini notepad papers strewn about my desk!


What I came up with is literally a cross between a chalkboard wall and a corkboard wall organizer, with a little modern element (in the way of gold trim) to add something extra. What I love about this is that if for some reason I wanted to wipe the slate clean, this wall organizer would look just as cute on the wall empty as it would filled with my brainstorming notes (and grocery lists 🙂 ). The corkboard base I chose here is only one square foot, which is all I need for now, but I can totally see making a few more of these in contrasting colors could be an awesome statement piece on a bigger office wall area – don’t you think?

Learn how to make it below!


12″ x 12″ corkboard square / chalkboard paint /  acrylic paint color of your choice (I chose light portrait pink) / painter’s tape / paint brush / ruler / gold paper fasteners 


1. Start by carefully taping off one half of your corkboard diagonally with your painter’s tape.

2. Using your paint color of choice and your paint brush, paint in one half of your corkboard square. Let dry and then remove the tape.

3. When the paint is completely dry, place tape again diagonally across your square along with some protective paper to cover the painted half.

4. Using your chalkboard paint, spray paint the second half of your square with several coats of chalkboard paint until you reach the amount of coverage you like. I painted mine 3 times. (*Remember to only spray paint in a well ventilated area and use protective paper or another type of coverage on and around your painting surface so you can prevent stains!) Once done, let it dry completely and then remove the tape.








At this point you’ll have yourself a nice two-tone chalkboard and corkboard organizer! If you like how this looks you can go ahead and keep it this way and organize to your heart’s content!  Or, you can go ahead and add the gold trim like I did!


5. Using your ruler, measure about 1/2 inch in from one corner and place your gold fastener at this point at a placeholder. You can use the pointy end of the fastener to make an indent / marking where you want to place it (you could also use a pen or pencil to make these marks if you want). Do this again on the opposite side.

6. Now that you’ve marked out the two end fasteners of your row, place down the rest of the fasteners evenly on this row between them. I chose to use 5 fasteners on each side of my corkboard square, but you can use as many as you’d like.

7. After you’ve marked out where you want your fasteners to go and they look evenly placed, you can go ahead and poke each fastener through your corkboard square, bending the two prongs on the back of each fastener outwards so they are nice and tightly secured.

8. Finish by repeating Steps 5-7 on the remaining 3 sides of your corkboard square.

It is now finished!

You can hang your organizer using removable adhesive squares, or you could also tie a string to the prongs of the gold fasteners on the back of the corkboard and hang the entire thing on a single nail or hook.




Even though cork is not your usual surface to have a chalkboard, it works just as well as any other chalkboard I’ve ever tried! To clean, just gently dab with a lightly dampened rag or towel.


What are some ways you stay organized in your workspace?

Thanks for stopping by!

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