DIY Gold Splatter Coasters

August 19, 2015


In the past, I honestly never realized how important coasters were. I mean, I understood the idea of coasters, but since I never owned any furniture that was prone to water damage (or that I cared enough about if it was), I never used them. The only places I would ever put my drink cup down on would be our old glass dining table, my kitchen counters which are granite and basically damage-proof, and maaaybe my old ikea coffee table I’d had since college which, let’s face it, isn’t something i’m going out of my way to save.

But earlier this year I invested in a beautiful reclaimed wood coffee table that I had been wanting for the longest time and the first time I put my cup of water on it I could already see a ring of water seeping into the wood! Now I get it. Coasters are important. Cute coasters are even better.

I’m into gold details lately and wanted to make something modern but still fun, so I came up with these gold paint splattered coasters. They’re actually very easy to make and you can use the same technique to make one with black paint (or any other color) as well, which I think would look really cool too.


acrylic paint in gold and white | squeeze bottle | water | mod podge or waterproof sealant | cork coasters | paint brush | cardboard box (optional)


How to make it: 

Paint coasters white (or whatever base color you want).

gold-splatter-coaster-DIY-2Make sure the paint covers all the way around the sides.

As the coasters dry, squeeze a small amount of gold paint into the squeeze bottle. You don’t need much, probably the equivalent of 1-2 tablespoons. Add water to thin out the paint so that it can splatter easily. I found the best ratio is between 3:1 or 2:1 paint to water ratio.

gold-splatter-coaster-DIY-4Cover the top opening of the squeeze bottle and shake so that the paint and water are nicely mixed. This may also create bubbles which you can either leave those for an interesting paint effect, or you can wait for them to dissolve.

With the squeeze bottle at least 8 inches or more above the coasters, drip the paint onto the coasters to make an unpredictable, abstract design. I started with both coasters together and then separated them to work on them separately – you can do it however you’d like.

gold-splatter-coaster-DIY-6As you get the hang of it, you can drip closer or farther away from the coaster to achieve different splatter effects.

Once you’re done splattering, let the coasters dry completely. For the final step, be sure to cover the coasters with 1-2 even layers of mod podge (or any other waterproof sealant) before using so that your design is sealed in.

Additional Tips:

  • Before painting and then before applying mod podge, make sure there is no dust or particles on your coaster, or else they’ll get painted on.
  • Although optional, a cardboard box is really handy when doing this project since its high sides ensures that you can freely splatter your paint without getting it all over your floor or workspace. When you’re done you can just recycle!





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