DIY Candy Corn Wall Hanging

October 8, 2015


When it comes to crafting, one thing I try to avoid as often as possible is buying one tool or type of material, using it once or twice, and never using it again. I’m kind of a craft supply hoarder, so that’s happened to me more times than I want to admit. But thanks to this blog, I’m more motivated to think of different ways to use the craft materials I have and transform them into something useful – a fun tutorial!


This cute DIY candy corn wall hanging is a perfect example of that: I have a box full of different colored crepe streamers (from when I was obsessed with making crepe paper flowers) and tons of plain white cardstock, so this was a project I didn’t have to buy any extra materials to make! I love that this is such a simple and inexpensive project that doesn’t require any special tools, and adds such a cute, extra detail to a Halloween treat table. With child-proof scissors, this would be a really fun craft project to do with kids too. 🙂


Crepe streamers (in orange, yellow, and white) | plain white cardstock or heavy weight paper (mine was 8.5″ x 11″) | ruler | pencil | wrinkle-free craft glue | scissors | tape (regular and washi tape, not pictured here) | cotton twine/string 



1. Fold your cardstock into thirds.


2. With your ruler and pencil, draw three triangles of equal size on the paper.


3. Cut paper along the folds you made so that you end up with a stack of 3 even sheets. And then, holding the three sheets together, cut out your triangles.


4. Put a layer of wrinkle-free glue on one side of your triangle. Using one color of crepe streamer paper at a time (white, orange, then yellow like candy corn!), cut small pieces of the steamer paper and layer over the triangle from bottom to top, making sure that streamer paper covers the entire triangle. Press down on the paper to make sure it’s fully glued down.


5. Turn your triangle over, and trim the edges of the streamer paper.


6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you have the amount of candy corn you need. I had 8 for the wall hanging I made.


7. Finally, use scotch tape to attach your candy corn to your cotton string, spacing them evenly along the string. To hang, a great tip is to use a festive colored washi tape, since it sticks to your wall just as well as regular tape but it won’t lift off any paint (which is the worst, and has happened to me before!) and also looks really cute.


All done and ready to jazz up your Halloween display!


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