DIY Abstract Watercolor and Gold Painted Mousepad

February 11, 2016


I finally did it guys! I finally have a new mousepad. I’ve needed a new mousepad for the longest time and it’s one of those things that I didn’t see as a¬†necessity (I already have a wrist rest and surprisingly, a notebook works rather nicely as a makeshift mousepad ūüėõ ) and it’s also something that, for me, is SO¬†boring to shop for. Computer accessories = major snoozefest. But¬†what I noticed lately¬†was that I was feeling more and more uninspired by my workspace lately, and being a marketer/writer and creative-type who works mainly from home, that’s not a good thing. I knew I needed to add something colorful and inspiring to my workspace¬†immediately(!) and that’s how the¬†idea for this mousepad was born.


Okay, so although this is¬†totally unrelated to mousepads, I’ve been fawning over these watercolor style cakes on Pinterest lately and so¬†those were actually the real¬†inspiration for this DIY mousepad design. The soft colors and white and gold accents fit right¬†in with¬†my design aesthetic, so I figure what else could be more perfect than that for my new mousepad? I’ll only¬†be looking at it every day!! ūüôā

Learn how to make this DIY Abstract Watercolor and Gold Painted Mousepad for yourself below:


Materials: 12 x 12 cork square / mousepad / acrylic paint (in a few light shades, white and gold) / watercolor paint / paint brushes / craft or exacto knife / pen


Step 1: Using your mousepad and pen, draw an outline of the mousepad shape onto your cork square.



Step 2: Carefully cut out your mousepad outline with your exacto knife. Be sure not to nick the surface that you’re cutting on with your exacto knife!


Step 3: Lift your cork mousepad out of the outline and trim off / clean up the sides.


And here’s your mousepad! Next step is painting it and the key to getting the soft, blended watercolor look is to work quickly while you paint so that the different paints that you use¬†stay wet enough to blend together.


Step 4: Starting with your white paint, cover the whole mousepad with a layer of paint and remember to paint all the way over to the sides.


Step 5: While the white paint is still wet, add your second color. I started with a light shade of blue, and softly painted a couple of areas on the mousepad.


Step 6: Next, I took a bolder shade of pink and softly shaded in a few areas, also blending it in with the white and the blue that should still be blend-able. Added a light purple too.


Step 7: Continue to layer on your paint colors to create depth. I also added a tiny bit of green in the middle, and then went over the entire mousepad with a little bit more white to soften the edges of where the colors meet.


Step 8: When you’re happy with the overall color arrangement of your mousepad so far, take your watercolor and add some highlights throughout.


I also used my watercolor paints to add some deeper colors that I didn’t have for my first layers of¬†acrylic paint.

abstract-watercolor-mousepad-DIY-12 abstract-watercolor-mousepad-DIY-13

Step 9: And finally, my favorite part, the gold accents. To get the random pattern of gold specks, take a small paintbrush, dip it in a bit of gold paint and a tiny bit of water and flick the paintbrush towards your mousepad. A more specific way to¬†“flick”: hold the brush in one hand and tap it from the top with your other hand.

Once you’ve got a bit of gold on there, go back in with your brush and add some bigger dots and areas of gold.


Here is what my mousepad looked like when I was almost completely done.


From there, all I did was add¬†a bit more gold details, did a little more blending of the colors all around the mousepad,¬†and then left it to dry. And then it’s¬†done!



It’s like looking at a mini painting on my desk everyday. Woot!


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