My name is Linda and I am the person behind this little blog, A Sweet Afternoon. This is where I post my art and DIY projects, fun recipes, tidbits of my life and things that inspire me. Outside of this blog, I’m a freelance writer, abstract artist and a content marketing professional with over 5 years of experience creating high value content for small to medium sized brands.


– I was born, raised, and currently live in Boston, MA.

– I’m 100% Vietnamese and am the youngest of three.

– I love to travel and some of my favorite places around the world are: Kawaii Island in Hawaii, Phuket, Thailand, Tokyo & Kyoto, Japan, and Moorea, Tahiti, and Bora Bora in French Polynesia.

– I eat cereal and almond milk every morning.

– I am a Philosophy major and a huge grammar nerd. I love to write and learn about people and how things work!

– I love chocolate but do not like chocolate ice cream.

– I taught myself how to code HTML and use Photoshop during high school and worked as a freelance graphic designer off and on over the years.

– I married the love of my life, Dave, in 2013. He is a senior software engineer at a leading health company in Downtown Boston, and is the craziest, funniest, smartest guy I’ve ever met.

1043853_10101557159920840_1620048398_n– Our wedding photos were featured on Southern New England Weddings, and our wedding story also made it into the 2014 issue of their print magazine. This made us feel so cool! 🙂

– My favorite things to watch on TV are (almost) anything HGTV and Food Network. And other than those, my favorite shows are Treehouse Masters, Criminal Minds, Grimm and The Walking Dead. Apparently I’m into creepy/scary things! lol

– I am a self-professed former packrat / clothing hoarder. Until I read this book about the Konmari Method. Life changing, I tell you.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What camera do you use for your blog pictures?

A: For blog photos, I primarily use my Panasonic LUMIX DMC-LX7W which is a compact camera
rather than a DSLR. It is super compact for the quality of photos it can make and it boasts the important features that I would want from a DSLR such as a very fast lens, native wide angle capability, and great performance in low light. I also occasionally use a Nikon D90.

Q: What programs to do you use to edit the photos on your site?

A: I am a long-time fan of Adobe Photoshop and do the majority of any photo and layout editing on there. In the past I have used Adobe Photoshop Elements which is a less expensive version of Photoshop that still has the majority of the features you would need to edit blog photos.

Q: Can I use your pictures on my website?

A: I appreciate the thought! Yes you may use an image from my site, but only under one condition: please just make sure provide proper credit by linking back to the original post where you found the photo.

Linda1Q: What blogging platform do you use?

A: This blog is self-hosted and I use Wordpress as my CMS (content management system). I highly recommend this route (over a free platform like wordpress.com or blogger.com) for any serious blogger, or even new bloggers who have any intention of meaningfully growing their blog. There is just so much free information out there for WordPress users to help you
maximize your blog features, as well as tons of add-ons and plugins that make blogging so much easier.

Q: Why did you start blogging?

A: I think the answer to that, for me, is why not? I grew up in the generation of kids that experienced the infancy of the internet (hello dial-up internet, AOL, LiveJournal and Xanga!) so online publishing was something I have always been interested in and used as a means of self expression throughout my high school and college years. I have since spent many years of professional experience developing online content for other people, so it was kind of natural for me to finally create my own space on the web that was all my own and that made me happy, allowing me to share my interests with others like me.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me here.

Thanks for stopping by!


disclaimer: A Sweet Afternoon occasionally utilizes ad and affiliate links. All products associated with these links are things I truly love and by no means influence what I write or post about on this blog or my social media platforms.  thank you for reading! 

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